We are a company founded in Ireland by the creator of the light clock, and our goal is to introduce our inventions on the largest possible scale in order to improve the standards of our lives and develop technology, which is the foundation of our civilization. Technology not only changes people’s daily lives but also changes our reality and influences how the future of humanity unfolds. Today mankind faces many problems that we can solve with innovative solutions. Each new invention that meets the needs of mankind opens a new direction of development, gives employment to people and accelerates the development of the industries it affects, which results in more new solutions, causing a domino effect.

Kronodeo also wants to add its own domino piece which will move subsequent pieces and contribute to the development of our civilization. The light clock is just the beginning for Kronode companies on the way to developing technology which we want to actively participate in. Precision time measurement has applications in many areas of life and science and our main vision is to improve GPS technology by incorporating our precision clock into GPS devices.

One of the problems of clocks is that they don’t measure their own measurement and so we can’t be fully sure that the unit of time measured by the clock is always equal. The light clock is the first clock that not only measures time accurately but also measures its measurement. This is made possible by using coordinated two signals that measure each other based on the speed of light. Therefore, the light clock is not only precise but also reliable, and thanks to it we will finally be able to be sure that we are on time.

This is our goal, to give humanity accurate time so that it can finally determine its position in spacetime.