Kronodeo and its founder Konrad Kaplan want to introduce you to the Light Clock. It is a device designed to completely revolutionize the measurement of time. It is a new precision timekeeping method that utilizes the speed of light for time measurement.

The Light Clock measures time by measuring the distance light travels in the device. Knowing the speed of light and the distance light travels in the device, we can calculate the time it takes light to travel this distance, which becomes a unit of time. The shorter the distance, the shorter the time unit.

Based on this, the Kronode company developed a time measurement device using light to build a clock that is as accurate as light.

The first prototype of the Light Clock was granted a patent by the Intellectual Property Office of Ireland.

We are currently working on miniaturizing the Light Clock so that it can be mounted in any type of device that requires timekeeping. The PCB Light Clock has already been created and is being tested.

The Kronodeo company is at an early stage of development and goes from the moment of the idea to its implementation. We care about rapid development and winning the market, which is why we are willing to enter into partnerships with people ready to participate with us in the development of the Light clock technology. Thanks to this, we will be able to develop at the speed of light.